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Paid Memberships For Large Businesses

What Are Business Profile Memberships?

Business profiles are paid business listings on Walker SEO & Websites that have been submitted to Matthew Walker; an Australian SEO Expert and Full-Stack Website Developer for a paid SEO audit. These websites are reviewed and ranked based on their SEO performance, approach to Google Ads (specifically branded keywords) and other key factors.

How much does membership cost?

A standard business profile starts at $100 / Month and the contract is for a minimum of 12 months. This gives you one free SEO audit of your website, an idea of how your business is performing overall for organic search results, a high quality organic back-link to your website from a secure Australian IP address and an automated custom report through your Google Analytics account (when you grant access).  There will also be additional paid add-ons that are planned for release in 2021.

Register to create a free business profile

Join for free and upload your business details before committing to a paid business profile. New features will be added.

Pro Business Profiles

$100 / Month AUD

Business Profile Listings

This is a new SEO auditing tool and live business listings website that showcases the skills and SEO services performed by Matthew Walker, a Google Search specialist.

How To Get Matthew Walker To Perform An SEO Audit

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