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Matthew Walker is an SEO expert with with more than 7 years experience and a very consistent record increasing leads and conversions. A strong background in website development and SEO has lead to outperforming Google Ads campaigns by effectively implementing a unique approach to SEO.  

Matthew quickly developed an almost ‘obsessed‘ understanding of how Google’s search engine works in a very technical detail by maintaining certifications for Google Search Advertising and staying up to date with the latest Google Search Algorithm updates.

“In my opinion, there is always an opportunity for your business to achieve a growth in organic search results that you likely haven’t experienced before” – Matthew Walker, SEO Expert.

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SEO & Google Ads

What is the point of SEO?​

A website that has been effectively optimised for Google’s search engine requires a combination of being able to understand and follow Google Search Advertising policies, structured schema markups and being able to ensure your website; loads fast, is responsive on all devices and provides relevant content to users.  This usually requires the fine-tuning skills from an experienced website developer that has a focus on SEO also.

Website SEO or more specifically, having your website properly optimized with on-page and off-page SEO is vital when trying to reduce your Google Ads spend and to help increase user retention. Being able to re-market to users long-term is one of the best benefits of utilising a Search Engine Optimizer.

Create an effective SEO Strategy​

Creating an effective SEO strategy, requires a collaborative endeavour between your ads campaign manager, content creation team and SEO specialist to get the most effective results out of your website. I personally would only ever recommend hiring an SEO specialist with website programming language experience in order to ensure they are fully capable of implementing structured schema markups and able to fix severe crawl issues related to console errors.

There is a symbiotic relationship between Google Ads and your SEO efforts and when this is managed properly, you should expect both impressions and conversions to increase. It is vital to have a reliable team consisting of content creators/designers and other staff that are willing to work together with an SEO expert to see these short term results.

Hiring an SEO expert like myself (Matthew Walker) could be the key to finding the increase in sales you have been searching for.

Is SEO Worth The Cost?

Putting your trust in a reliable SEO specialist that has a consistent record and can develop SEO strategies that are congruous with your existing business processes is essential when developing an efffective online presence.

SEO can be extremely beneficial to target new leads and to generate more sales. SEO is better considered as an investment for your website rather than paying for an immediate boost in traffic. However, it is always important to understand what level of experience the “SEO specialist” has, before commencing a contract with any agency.  This is why it could be your best decision to book an appointment with a Google Search expert.

The benefits of having a SEO Specialist optimise your website for Google’s Search Engine will become more transparent after you have made the initial commitment. Implemented correctly, SEO might even make you reconsider adjusting your paid advertising budget.