Matthew Walker

SEO Expert & Website Developer

Matthew Walker SEO Expert In Brisbane

A Google Search Specialist

Matthew Walker is a Search Engine Optimizer that has an unblemished record improving organic leads.  Matthew Walker is an SEO expert that operates as a sole trader under the business name Porter Technology. His intention is to utilise his skills as an SEO Specialist to grow organic leads for businesses and his own personal portfolio.

Matthew Walker is a Google Search expert with more than 7 years experience managing Google Accounts, whether this is through setting up high quality Google Business profiles or building a website that has an exemplary foundation for ads placements to drive traffic towards. Starting as a full-stack developer, Walker quickly moved from University into full-time work for Premium IT Solutions. Where under the mentorship of David Robertson, quickly grew to become a Google Partner while working for Premium IT Solutions.

During his time at Premium IT Solutions and through further dedicated efforts, Matthew developed an almost ‘obsessed‘ understanding of how Google’s search engine works in a very technical detail.

“In my opinion, there is always an opportunity for your business to achieve a growth in organic results that you likely haven’t experienced before” – Matthew Walker, SEO Expert.

SEO & Website Specialist

“I grew up in Brisbane, Australia. My first job was a sales supervisor at the age of 16 at Fuel Clothing Co, Shop 1/200 Oxford Street, at the time. Fuel Clothing was where I built a lot of my confidence in my teenage years but more specifically grew the foundation of my sales skills through the mentorship and friendship with Dean Broten. Taking on the back-end of the shop, both physically (stock management) and the online store, this was my first experience with Ecommerce software (Joomla and Shopify).

During the senior years of High School I was given the Brisbane Rotary Citizenship Award for recognition of his outstanding achievements in the community before becoming the Vice-School Captain for Balmoral State High School, graduating near the top the grade. After graduating Balmoral State High School,  I moved on to studying a Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Queensland, before quickly changing courses to a Bachelor of Engineering Majoring in Computing and Software Systems. This sparked the interest for website programming languages.”

“The first role and very fortunately was as a full-stack website developer, working for Territory Map Pty Ltd at the time. This was an extremely intensive role where I dedicated a plethora of my time over 2 years building a website that would overlay sales analysis data onto google maps, using their API. This would require me to be involved with conversations directly with Google Maps API Partners.

I then decided to further progress my personal and professional career by moving on to Premium IT Solutions where I met the next person I would consider to be a mentor in a professional sense. David Robertson, from Premium IT Solutions, a Google Partner at the time would quickly find me filling the role of the sole website developer, before growing to have an in-house designer, intern and becoming Google Premium Partners. David would generously provide me with new learning paths to further benefit the value for his company and my own future.”

“After working for Premium IT Solutions for a couple years, I would then move onto taking the daring step to following in my Father’s footsteps of  building my own business, Porter Technology. This has been and still currently is my registered trading name as a sole trader for website hosting, development and SEO services. This is also the place where I have had the time to hone my craft in becoming an SEO expert. With a full-stack website developer’s skill set, this is what I would say truly sets me a part from a lot of other search engine experts. I utilise this skill-set to provide technical expertise that fully understands how everything on a website interrelates.”